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Everyone deserves the opportunity to recover...

At Green Hill Recovery, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to recover, regardless of their background or previous failed attempts at rehabilitation. Our program was founded to give emerging adults the best opportunity to receive an education and lead a successful life, fully prepared to combat the perils of addiction. Green Hill Recovery’s three core values govern our work with the individuals under our care:



Educational Continuity

Our staff is fully integrated into our community and works to form effective working relationships with our residents. They show respect for all members of our recovery community and ask our residents do the same.

Building a foundation...

Firmly rooted in the 12-step process, our program utilizes a number of clinical approaches and evidence based practices. We provide a safe environment where our residents can build a foundation which they can use to effectively transition into self-sufficient members of the community. We teach:

The development of meaningful

supportive relationships.


The expansion of emotional



The capability to function independently

and productively.


The establishment of manageable goals

and the fortitude to achieve them.


The renewed vision of a life with intention,

meaning and responsibility

Empowerment through support...

Our program trains residents to both confront and move on from their past mistakes. We help them reorient their goals and shape their future while empowering them to seek out and utilize support.