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The road to recovery...

Green Hill Recovery’s mission is to help emerging adults in early recovery remain sober and receive a college education. To achieve this objective, we offer a variety of treatment solutions and constant support to residents as they continue their recovery and pursue their academic goals. We recognize that each resident comes to us with a unique background, personality and goal set. As such, we aspire to foster an inclusive environment that helps residents achieve their goals and supports them in early recovery as they transition from primary care.

Too often, academic and vocational reintegration are an afterthought in the treatment of newly recovering, emerging adults. At Green Hill Recovery, we believe education and skills training are valuable components on the road to recovery.

Residents will have the knowledge and skills to effectively lead successful lives and navigate the world as healthy, sober individuals.

A shared alignment of goals...

Our goal is to give our residents the tools to sustain their new-found recovery for the long term. Upon transition from our program, residents will have shaped their own ideas of success with input from their families and our treatment team.