Transitioning from Primary Care
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Transitioning from Primary Care

Focused transitional living...

Green Hill Recovery’s program is designed to bridge the gap between primary care and independent living. Our program gives residents the opportunity to apply and build on the skills they acquired in primary treatment. We offer a supportive community, academic advising, sober living, experiential and holistic therapy as well as intensive outpatient clinical services to guide and mentor residents to meet their early recovery objectives and work towards their academic goals.

We focus intention and motivate action once a resident has made the transition to our program.

Our residents come from a variety of settings, including:

Traditional substance use disorder treatment centers

Wilderness programs

Therapeutic boarding schools

Intensive outpatient programs

Relapse prevention tracks

Private clinicians

A seamless continuity of care...

Our staff recognizes the meaningful work done by residents at the primary level of care. We harness the momentum of this work and continue the evolution of healing.

Our clinicians and admissions staff coordinate with professionals from referring programs to ensure we provide a seamless continuity of care for our incoming residents. We create individual treatment plans based on the prior treatment experience of our residents, acknowledging where each resident is in the recovery journey.