Holistic Component
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Holistic Component

Renewed focus on mind and body...

We believe the application of holistic principles is vital to supporting any young person through the journey of recovery. As part of our weekly schedule, we offer holistic programming designed to promote mindfulness and employ practical and healthy nutritional habits. These groups focus on the connection between mind and body and facilitate recovery through healthy living.


Every Monday afternoon, our nutritional team leads a hands-on nutritional lesson. The lesson starts at the recovery residence where our staff guides residents as they plan their individual grocery lists for the week and the group meal served every Monday evening. Following the planning session, residents visit the grocery store where they perform their weekly shopping while receiving health and financial guidance from our team. The evening culminates with our staff helping residents prepare a communal meal to be shared in our common area.

Yoga and Mindfulness Mediation:

Each week Green Hill Recovery holds a one hour yoga session with a certified instructor followed by a half-hour recovery meditation session. These sessions help residents explore the connection between mind, body and spirit while teaching them to become more cognizant of their perceptions. Each yoga and meditation session is co-led by one of our clinicians who conducts a short process group at the end.