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Sober Living Program Overview

Structured programing with measurable outcomes…

Green Hill Recovery’s three-phase sober living program works to effect lasting change in our residents. Our program encompasses a range of sober living, clinical, academic, experiential, and holistic curriculum, all meant to promote long-term recovery and provide the foundation for a successful life. These components combine to achieve three goals:


Provide a supportive environment that fosters constructive habits residents can use to sustain long-term sobriety.


Teach our residents to build healthy relationships and a durable support network.


Help our residents develop and implement individualized academic plans.

Our experiential programming challenges residents to employ newly developed skills in a “real world” context while receiving consistent support from our staff.

We strive to teach residents to:

Practice self-efficacy

Identify and overcome trauma

Exercise accountability by developing and maintaining a routine of personal responsibility

Develop a personal recovery support network

Apply 12-step principles in every-day life

Using our three sober living program phases, residents learn increasing levels of responsibility. This system holds them accountable and works to ensure they continue their personal growth throughout their stay. Our program challenges residents to actualize their recovery tools in order to prepare them to live as independent and highly-functioning adults.