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As part of our overall model of care, Green Hill Recovery utilizes three sober living phases to ensure clients’ sustained and viable growth throughout their time in the program. Each sober living phase promotes accountability by requiring clients to meet goals necessary to build the foundations for a successful life in recovery. The sober living phase system challenges the individual to meet and maintain an increasing level of responsibility. This system also creates a peer support structure as it becomes the responsibility of the more senior members of our community to lead and teach our newest members.

Green Hill Recovery’s programming is comprised of three sober living phases. Residents are required to receive approval from their primary counselor and the community in order to graduate from one phase to the next.


This is the landing phase of our program and is designed to help residents assimilate into the community. Structure is a vital aspect of this phase as these residents are required to attend a full suite of individual and group clinical sessions as well as all structured activities.

In Phase 1, residents are taught the importance of maintaining a routine and are expected to begin applying the principles of recovery in their daily lives. Phase 1 residents undergo clinical and academic assessments to formulate the basis of their individual treatment plans, which are implemented during their stay.


Residents in Phase 2 earn greater autonomy as they enroll and begin to carry part-time college course loads. Residents in this phase are expected to apply the knowledge they developed in Phase 1 as they begin to navigate life as a sober student.

Resident’s in Phase 2 are required to attend a designated number of weekly individual and group clinical sessions and structured activities while balancing their schoolwork and 12-step commitments.


Residents in Phase 3 start the process of leading fully autonomous lives in recovery. To enter Phase 3, residents need to show a willingness to accept and apply the principles of recovery in their every-day lives. Phase 3 residents are required to carry out their individual academic plans and attend a limited number of clinical sessions and structured activities.

Residents in this phase are responsible for leading by example and mentoring newer residents through their early recovery. During this phase, residents work with our clinical team to create a transition plan to ensure their continued success as they become alumni.