Tips for a Sober Spring Break

Spring break is always on the forefront of every college student’s mind come the middle of second semester. A much-needed break from exams, classes, homework, and obligations gives students the opportunity to enjoy time away from school. To many students this time often means packing up with friends and going to some far away beach to party, drink, and use drugs. For those in recovery, this time can present quite the problem. Spring break can be a fun time away from the everyday responsibilities of school, but it also be full of temptations from peers. Instead of putting yourself in a tricky situation, try one or more of our spring break ideas to create a sober and memorable vacation.

Ten ideas for creating a memorable sober spring break:

  1. Spend spring break reinventing yourself – instead of focusing on trips everyone else is taking, take the week off to focus on yourself. Start a workout routine to get in shape. Take up yoga or a form of mediation. Start playing a new sport or become a master at cooking. Begin learning a musical instrument or become an early riser instead of a late sleeper.
  2. Go backpacking with a group of close friends. Leave the phones at home and enjoy the camaraderie. A few nights with buddies in the woods can make for great memories.
  3. Visit somewhere you have never been. Immerse yourself in a city or location you always dreamed of going. See the art, enjoy a sporting event, and try the local cuisine.
  4. Spend time with family – enjoy an activity together. Take time to reconnect, talk, and grow your relationships.
  5. Plan a sports vacation – with March Madness and major league spring training starting up, look up a schedule of your favorite teams and plan a trip around seeing as many games as possible.
  6. Experience new cities – consider bringing friends or family along to enhance the adventure.
  7. Love food? Plan a food vacation. Revisit a favorite restaurant or treat your taste buds to a new delight.
  8. Spend time on the water. Go on a fishing vacation – find a fishing charter or a local pier and spend the day enjoying the water and testing your luck.
  9. Rejuvenate your spiritual faith.
  10. Donate your time – volunteering can be one of the most rewarding endeavors. Use your spring break to make a difference in someone’s life.