Caleb Barnhart

Caleb Barnhart

Program Facilitator

Caleb is one of Green Hill’s program facilitators and has worked for Green Hill since January, 2018. Caleb can be found taking residents to the YMCA for a daily workout or behind the camera at the latest Green Hill event. Caleb excels in connecting with residents that have been to multiple treatment centers and fueling the artistic passion of our creatives. 

Prior Experience

Caleb has been with Green Hill nearly since inception. As a seasoned member of the team, Caleb has been an integral part of developing the residential programming and he also serves key roles in Green Hill’s admissions and outreach. 

Professional Passion

Caleb uses his passion with photography to celebrate our resident’s victories in recovery. Whether its taking photos for passion projects, documenting exciting adventures, or just getting candids around the house, Caleb uses his creative eye to spark the interests of our residents. Having a vast knowledge of the young adult treatment realm, Caleb helps drive Green Hill’s mission by encouraging clients to discover their personal passions and make them an integral part of their recovery process. Academics, athletics, and art are his main passions when working with young men in recovery. 

More about Caleb 

Caleb will graduate with a Bachelor of Art in Digital Media Communication from North Carolina State University in 2020. He is conducting research with Dr. Lynsey Romo on the communication practices of professionals in long term recovery from substance abuse. In his spare time, Caleb is a freelance photographer, pitbull father, and weightlifter. Caleb is also building a digital marketing company that specializes in emotionally captivating images for purpose-driven organizations.