Casey Miller

Casey Miller, MSW, LCAS-A is a Primary Therapist at Green Hill. He provides individual, family, and group therapy in the Transitional Living program as well as aids in curriculum development, program development, and staff support for the wider organization.

Prior experience

Casey graduated summa cum laude with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and English Literature in 2014 from the University of Florida and his MSW degree with a Substance Use and Addictions Specialization in 2020 from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate (LCAS-A). Casey previously worked as a case manager for Green Hill and completed a one-year clinical internship at Green Hill during his time at UNC-CH.

Additionally, Casey has worked with young adults transitioning out of foster care in Durham County with the LIFE Skills Foundation, providing therapy, case management, and experiential education. Outside of clinical work, Casey has a passion for community organizing and works with various social justice organizations in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties.

Casey has training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, non-violent communication, and acceptance and commitment therapy. In practice, he follows his curiosity and provides compassionate and non-judgmental support through a secure therapeutic relationship.

Professional passion

Casey was drawn to become a therapist by his mother’s example as a rehabilitation and mental health counselor and a disability rights advocate. For Casey, helping has always come from a belief that human suffering, under the right conditions, can be a medium for growth and connection. In his therapeutic work, Casey takes care to get to know clients from an exploratory and non-knowing perspective, tending to deeply held values and experiences. With a healthy mix of humor and warmth, Casey challenges clients to build deeper relationships with themselves and their communities free from systems of oppression. His therapeutic passion and knowledge base include working with gender and sexuality, trauma, and non-violent communication.

More about casey

When he’s not thinking about therapy, you can find Casey thinking about and playing basketball. If he had one wish, it would be to be able to dunk, which he will sadly never achieve. Other things Casey loves: cooking comfort food, eating out at no-frills international restaurants, making collages, reading fiction, going for walks, looking at tiny things on forest floors, daydreaming, writing, hanging out with his friends, doing community work, and drinking unflavored carbonated water. He grew up in Gainesville, Florida and calls Durham, North Carolina home, where he lives with his dear friend, their two cats Teddy and Ravioli, and a garden.