Chandler Huggins

Chandler serves as Green Hill’s Wellness Advisor. He is responsible for providing group and individual coaching that addresses wellness through all facets of life including relationships, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Chandler works in conjunction with the clinical team to help clients reach their fullest potential.

Prior experience

Chandler holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill. For several years, he was an investment research analyst for a financial advisor. While there, he mentored some newer employees and realized he found more joy in empowering others to maximize their potential. Most recently, he worked at Noom, coaching clients through a variety of behavior changes to build healthier lifestyles.

Professional passion

An Integrative Health Coach certified at Duke Center for Living, his passion is helping others identify and achieve their most fulfilling life. Chandler’s personal mission is two-fold: Improve Lives, Become Better. ‘Improve Lives’ signifies a focus on service to others first and foremost in life. ‘Become Better’ is a daily commitment to practice self-improvement. Having recovered from multiple addictions, he believes living the “One Day at A Time” mantra is critical to success in recovery and life. There is no end to the journey of recovery — continuing to grow mentally, physically and spiritually is the beauty of it.

More about chandler

Chandler lives in Raleigh and spends his free time reading non-fiction, running and volunteering. His favorite reads are Can’t Hurt Me and The Four Agreements. He is currently training for his 10th ultramarathon.