Jake Summers

Jake Summers

Development Director, Partner

Jake Summers is the Development Director and a Partner of Green Hill. Jake and Tripp were classmates together at West Point, and have always shared a unique bond grounded in mutual values. Jake joined Green Hill to bring direction and clarity to the finance department. His main goal is to ensure that the financial side of the company is built to support the organizational mission, not vice versa. 

Prior Experience

Jake holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Villanova University. In addition to his work at Green Hill, Jake is a passionate entrepreneur who helped to found and advise multiple start-up companies. Jake runs a contracting and real estate company in Philadelphia, co-founded a mango farming / export company in Cambodia, and serves as an advisor for a number of small businesses. 

Professional Passion

Jake is passionate about helping young people in early sobriety find their purpose. In Philadelphia, Jake runs a contracting company that primarily employs people in recovery. The mission is to create an environment where young men can learn vocational skills and surround themselves with other sober people in their work life. He believes that building a life around recovery instead of building recovery into a life is a critical ingredient for long term sobriety, especially in your career. 

More about Jake 

Jake lives in Raleigh with his girlfriend Anna and their family of plants. He lived as an expat in Cambodia for almost 2 years, and is a travel maniac. His most prized possession is his passport that ran out of pages before it expired. In addition to travel, Jake also enjoys fishing, hiking, kayaking, and running. He is also a CFA Charterholder.

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