Green Hill Increases Accessibility to Substance Use Treatment by Joining Aetna as In-Network Provider

PRESS RELEASE: October 12, 2020, Raleigh, NC – Green Hill Recovery, a Raleigh-based treatment provider for young adults grappling with substance use disorder (SUD), announced today that it has become an in-network provider for Aetna. This announcement marks a monumental step forward in Green Hill’s effort to make high quality treatment more affordable and accessible for families in North Carolina and beyond.

Aetna is the nation’s third largest insurance provider, and in-network status will provide Green Hill’s clients and families more stable insurance reimbursements and lower our cost of care. Going in-network is for Green Hill a reflection of the company’s desire to operate as a values-based, mission-driven organization. As an in-network provider, Green Hill can build further financial transparency, and achieve a greater level of unity with clients and families. 

Green Hill CEO Tripp Johnson was excited about what this meant for the future, saying “Our first in-network contract is a major step in our mission to provide quality, affordable healthcare. There’s often a tension between providers and insurance companies, especially in the substance use and mental health field. Providers think insurance companies should cover more services and insurance companies don’t want to pay for ineffective treatments. Forging partnerships with insurance providers will help us change that narrative and achieve the goal of increasing access to quality care.”  

Green Hill has set a goal for 2021 to become an in-network provider for United, Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana. 

Tripp Johnson also added “We would really like to thank our team and our mentors in the behavioral health field for helping us to navigate this process. We could not have achieved this without them.”

The continued rise in SUD and co-occurring mental health conditions needs to be met with innovation and creative solutions. Organizations like Green Hill must continue to play a role in making high quality treatment more accessible and affordable. 

About Green Hill: Green Hill is a nationally recognized treatment provider for young adults grappling with substance use and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Green Hill prepares clients for success beyond their days in treatment through sophisticated addiction, mental health, and executive functioning treatment; intentional community integration, experiential, and wellness offerings; and individualized academic, career, and personal growth curriculum. At its core, Green Hill empowers individuals to live with profound purpose.