What is Collegiate Recovery?

Collegiate recovery programs offer a supportive environment in a college or university campus culture. Collegiate recovery reinforces positive and proactive measures in helping a person with a problematic substance use history. Collegiate recovery communities (CRC) often have a range of social workers/counselors, student volunteers, work study students, peer-support specialists, and academic advisors that are trained in this field to ensure a point of contact.

What is the Community-Reinforcement Approach (CRA)?

Community-Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is one of the more interesting clinical models for treating substance use disorders. It may lack the notoriety of other models, but it makes up for that through its effectiveness. CRA is focused on helping clients towards building a life that is more rewarding and meaningful than substance use.

Dr. Sara Koenig Joins the Green Hill Team as Medical Director

As the Medical Director, Dr. Koenig will provide and supervise direct medical care for all our clients, and help us to continue to build a true integrated and integrative medicine practice. Sara brings years of training and experience in traditional clinical management of addictions and co-occurring disorders to the Green Hill team.

Culture Is Why I Joined Green Hill – by Marcus Shumate

Before I joined, I sensed a chance for growth at Green Hill. Now that I am on the inside, I have experienced a culture that exists all the way from clients to the leadership team, and which is focused on flourishing – personally and professionally. I am excited about all that the culture of Green Hill can bring to me, and those that we serve.

Cassidy Conway Joins the Green Hill Team as Primary Therapist

Green Hill is excited to announce that Cassidy Conway has joined the team as a Primary Therapist for our Outpatient program. Cassidy conducts individual and group counseling helping clients along their journey of growth and development through the Green Hill curriculum.

Green Hill’s Why: A Look at What Inspires Us

The most powerful question an organization can answer is why. Why did we start this company? Why do we serve the people we serve? Join us as we take a step back to look at ‘why’ we are in this field instead of just ‘what’ we do on a day-to-day basis.