Upcoming Virtual Parent Support Group – Tuesday 12/8 at 7pm ET

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Green Hill is pleased to offer our Virtual Parent Support Group on Tuesday, December 8th at 7pm, open to any parent concerned about the substance use or abuse by their adolescent or young adult child. The main topic for the group this month is boundaries

Having clear boundaries with a young adult in active addiction and/or early recovery provides a framework for expectations on both sides.  Learning which boundaries to set, how to communicate them and the healthiest ways to enforce them are some of the hardest questions for parents. 

Join Matt O’Connor, Green Hill’s Clinical Director and boundary expert to learn effective strategies for setting and enforcing boundaries in the family system.

Here are some additional questions we’ll explore in the Parent Support Group:

  • What is an effective and ineffective boundary?  
  • What are the differences between personal and contact boundaries? 
  • How do we set boundaries as a family unit vs personal boundaries? 

The Parent Support Group offers psychoeducation by highly trained clinicians from the Green Hill staff and community of collaborators, along with opportunities for peer support, Q&A and resource-sharing. There is no cost or commitment to participate; just an opportunity to find support and guidance. 

Click here to register for the December Parent Support Group session