Chandler Huggins, Wellness Advisor, Rock Climbing

Chandler Huggins’ Three Year Green Hill Anniversary

Earlier this year, Chandler celebrated three years of being involved at Green Hill. Chandler serves as Green Hill’s Wellness Advisor. He is responsible for providing group and individual coaching that addresses wellness through all facets of life including relationships, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Chandler works in conjunction with the clinical team to help clients reach their fullest potential. Chandler holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill, and is an Integrative Health Coach certified at Duke Center for Living. We sat down with him to chat about his time at Green Hill (and AIM!), and what it all has meant to him.

Chandler Huggins, Wellness Advisor

Briefly tell us who you are and what you do at Green Hill and AIM.
Well, I have held several titles and still think “Wellness Advisor” sounds the most sophisticated and the most accurate… but in short, I am a wellness coach who helps our clients establish a vision for their life and build the habits to sustain their recovery.

When did you join Green Hill, and why did you?
I joined GH a little over three years ago because I believed in the people and the purpose of this work.  It fit right into my life at the time and my gut told me there would be many new experiences and opportunities, so I knew it was right. 

Chandler Huggins, Wellness Advisor, Quarterly Trip

How has Green Hill impacted you – both personally and professionally? 
Both GH and AIM have provided many growth opportunities for me and continues to.  I have learned how to have a healthy disagreement and resolve conflicts.  I am learning how to work within an organization to grow towards my goals and support others as they do the same.  I’ve also learned I don’t always have all the answers – Which is good to know LOL!

What is your favorite Green Hill memory?
My favorite memories from Green Hill are the quarterly trips from last year.  The experiences of rock climbing/camping, whitewater rafting, sailing and skiing were awesome… but the best part was getting to see the guys experience the joys of life in recovery and connecting with them around the campfires.  Recovery is exciting when we focus on what we CAN do, instead of what we can’t!