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Addiction and mental health treatment for young adults in Raleigh, NC

Recover Without Putting your Life On Hold

Green Hill offers unrivaled outpatient care for young men in the Greater Raleigh area. We approach treatment holistically. Recovery is more than abstinence from drugs and alcohol: it is about getting the most out of life. We take an interdisciplinary approach to work with individuals because we understand that recovery must address all aspects of life.
outpatient program for young adults in Raleigh, NC

Intensive Outpatient Program

Green Hill’s intensive outpatient program is for young adults in the Triangle pursuing recovery while managing real-world commitments. Our IOP addresses the causes of substance use and mental health disorders with up to fifteen hours of programming per week. Our treatment model emphasizes having fun while building the necessary skills to succeed in all areas of life. Members of Green Hill’s IOP will establish a commitment to make a positive change based on their personal goals and values.
Outpatient Addiction recovery for young adults in raleigh, NC

Outpatient Program

Green Hill’s outpatient program is less structured than the IOP program. The outpatient program is geared towards young adults with an established recovery foundation who would benefit from ongoing clinical support. At this level of care, clients are typically working and/or going to school and have succeeded in establishing a baseline of recovery. A member of our outpatient program will attend one to three group sessions and individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist a week.

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Recovery Management Program

Green Hill’s recovery management program is for individuals with a strong foundation of recovery. Clients in our recovery management level of care will meet semi-weekly with a recovery management team and have therapeutic sessions once a month. This program supports individuals as they confront challenges inherent in leading a life in recovery. We understand that recovery, like life, does not unfold linearly. We provide recovery management to help young adults engage with proactive, self-directed accountability.
Additionally, we encourage members of the recovery management program to participate in our alumni events and take advantage of experiential activities provided throughout the year.

Experiential Programming

We believe in the motto “make it fun and recovery will come.” In addition to psychoeducational groups, process groups, and skills-focused groups, we offer a wide range of experiential programming. We believe that extracurricular activities allow our clients to build a support network, develop new hobbies, and build the foundation of life in recovery.

addiction recovery treatment in Raleigh, NC

Academic & Career

Meeting academic and career goals is crucial for long-term recovery. We believe that young adults should engage with real life while they are provided the scaffolding of clinical care. Our academic and career program consists of resources which help young adults meet their full potential.
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Clinical Care

Green Hill provides clinical services which address the underlying causes and conditions of substance use and mental health disorders. Whether you’re brand new to recovery or have an established foundation in sobriety, our clinical services help you get the most out of your life. We’re here to help you unlock your full potential.
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