Ground: Intensive Outpatient

Recovery at Green Hill begins with deep connection to the community and an understanding of the recovery process. Residents take a look at their past, come to terms with their substance use, and begin defining what an abundant life in recovery entails.

Goals and Program Components

Establish a commitment to change.
Define life goals and values.

Develop an understanding of how families are affected by addiction.

Assess academic and career history.
Explore academic needs and career interests.

Learn principles of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

Begin a connection to recovery communities.

Discover: Outpatient Plus

The Outpatient Plus “Discover” program is designed for individuals who are looking to hone the skills necessary for sustained change. Members learn more about what life looks like when their lifestyle is centered on wellness and in alignment with their deeper values.

Goals and Program Components

Explore gender-specific socialization and community purpose.
Understand healthy masculinity.

Learn to communicate in an effective, healthy manner within the family system.

Implement your plan for academic and/or career success.

Utilize individual wellness coaching.

Strengthen your ties to a recovery community.

Empower: Outpatient

The Outpatient “Empower” program is for individuals striving to better manage stress and other life challenges in recovery. Members build on their own strengths and skills, finding the power within themselves to effectively cope and succeed in the face of everyday stressors.

Goals and Program Components

Manage a recovery and wellness focused lifestyle.

Emphasize family relationships as critical for long-term recovery.

Successfully manage academic and career commitments.

Develop and implement a plan for a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Become a leader in your recovery community.


The Recovery Management “Connect” program is designed to help individuals in early recovery maintain sobriety while successfully managing a new lifestyle. Members gain flexibility and adaptability to life’s circumstances, moving towards self-actualization and community interconnectedness.

Goals and Program Components

Maintain and expand upon your recovery foundation.

Establish a role in your family that preserves recovery.

Continue to balance recovery with academic and career commitments.

Embody a wellness focused lifestyle.

Give back to your recovery community through mentoring.