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Addiction recovery & mental health counseling for young adults in Raleigh, NC

Green Hill Recovery for young men, Durham, NC
Addiction recovery & mental health counseling for young adults in raleigh, NC

We See Potential, Not Problems.

At Green Hill, we’re passionate about human flourishing. We know recovery is about what is gained, not what is lost. Recovery is about building community as well as meeting academic, career, and personal goals. We’re here to help young men reach their potential.
At Green Hill, we provide:
Mental health counseling for young adults in Raleigh, NC
Sophisticated addiction treatment, mental health counseling, and executive functioning strategies
Telehealth treatment for young adults in Raleigh, NC
Intentional community integration, experiential, and wellness offerings
Addiction recovery & mental health counseling for young adults in Raleigh, NC
Individualized academic, career, and personal growth curriculum

Transitional living for early recovery

Transitional Living for Early Recovery

Green Hill’s transitional living is a six to nine month clinically-driven program focused on early recovery from substance use and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Our mission is to empower young men to live with a profound purpose.
Our program helps residents discover their core values, empowers them to take ownership of their recovery, and connects them with their sense of purpose in the broader community.

Outpatient addiction & mental health

Outpatient Treatment at Green Hill Recovery

Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health

We’re here to prepare young adults for success beyond their days in treatment, mental health counseling, and executive functioning strategies. Green Hill offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP), individual and family counseling, and recovery coaching for young men in the Greater Raleigh area.
We pride ourselves on helping individuals get out of the clinical setting and into ‘real-life.’ We take advantage of all that Raleigh has to offer for young adults, from cookouts to golfing to overnight outdoor adventures – you’ll see that recovery can be fun.

Telehealth outpatient addiction treatment

Outpatient Treatment at Green Hill Recovery

Telehealth Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Green Hill’s virtual outpatient addiction treatment provides the same vital components as our on-site outpatient program, including individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Our new telehealth option provides patients and families with top-quality addiction treatment and mental health counseling from anywhere.

Recovery coaching

Recovery Coaching

Green Hill’s Recovery Coaching service offers accountability and mentorship outside the clinical and residential programs. Coaches work one-on-one with clients to help them build life skills, progress academically and professionally, and form a recovery network. Coaching includes weekly one-on-one meetings, travel to recovery meetings, daily check-ins, SoberLink monitoring and more. Coaching is ideal for young men in recovery who want accountability and mentorship separate from a formal clinical treatment program.

Our support for families

Our Support for Families

Addiction takes a heavy toll on families, and no family comes equipped with all the tools and knowledge to navigate addiction or treatment. Our team is here to work with families in a collaborative healing process and to provide clinical guidance.
You’re not in this alone. Our programs help young men engage with long-term recovery while also helping families find more peace-of-mind.

About our team at Green Hill

Outpatient Treatment at Green Hill Recovery

About Our Team at Green Hill

We are a team of values-based and mission-driven people. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Green Hill strives to transform early recovery into collective abundance. We believe that academic and career development are vital components of a recovery journey. Our clinical team consists of experienced academics, proven leaders, and working professionals.
Our Joint Commission accredited program combines clinical expertise with a commitment to improving treatment outcomes for our clients.