Life at Green Hill

Life in recovery can be playful, enriching, unpredictable, and spontaneous. This might not seem possible at first. We can be the guide into this uncharted territory. Each and every day at Green Hill we approach life in recovery as something to be savored. We encourage our residents to expand their horizons, knowing that through courageous action comes boundless growth. Our program offers a gradual expansion of supportive independence, joining substance use treatment with everyday life experiences in order to form a lived-in recovery paradigm for each resident.

Health and Wellness

Recovery ecompasses the whole self—mind, body, and spirit. Many of these dimensions of wellness diminish while using substances. We structure our program to invigorate them. Through yoga practice, cooking and health classes, mindfulness instruction, and personalized gym time, we strengthen recovery within the mind-body-spirit connection.

Serving the Community

Residents engage in a self-guided service project and group service opportunities in order to give back to the greater community. Substance use can sever connection, leaving young adults isolated from others. Through service opportunities at Green Hill, residents reconnect to their community, offering their gifts for the greater good, building the purpose and humility that drive recovery.

Outdoor Expeditions

We intersperse outdoor expeditions such as hiking, camping, and canoeing throughout a resident’s time in our program, celebrating the natural abundance of North Carolina. We foster curiosity and adventurousness as fuel for recovery, generating a sense of being a part of the world as opposed to being apart from it.

Urban Adventures

Located in the heart of Raleigh, Green Hill is an ideal hub to explore the Triangle’s thriving urban landscape. Home to nationally renowned museums, thriving professional sports teams, cultural festivals, award-winning restaurants, and more, the Triangle is always animated. Residents frequently explore these metropolitan gems as weekend activities and on their own as they progress through the program.

Life in the Triangle

An environment that supports the expanding capabilities and growing hope in recovery. This is the Triangle.


Largest research park in the country (RTP)


Largest metro area in NC


Professional sports teams


Music Venues


Public Parks




Weekly recovery meetings


James Beard Award Winners


Miles of greenway trails


Higher Education Institutes


Yearly graduates from major research universities


Acres of forest, riverlands, and lakes

Opportunities for Young People

If you have a passion, the Triangle has you covered. Home to Duke, UNC, and NC State, the Triangle attracts unrivaled culture, creativity, industry, and recreation in the South East. All within a 30 mile radius, we have championship basketball, nationally renowned art museums, six indoor climbing gyms, and countless lush parks nestled among three distinct cities.

Professional Hub

The Triangle is known for innovation and professional growth. As the academic center of the South East, both career development and high-level achievement opportunities are abundant. No matter the interest, experience level, or skill-set, the Triangle is an ideal destination on the career pathway.

Vibrant Recovery Community

At Green Hill, we strive to form mutually supportive relationships within our thriving recovery community. The Triangle offers hundreds of recovery meetings and support opportunities which we know intimately. We invite in speakers and community members to our work to expand the scope of recovery beyond what is possible solely in our program.