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Clinically-driven, recovery-based sober living program for young men
Inpatient addiction treatment, Raleigh, NC

Build a Life in Recovery

Residents in our transitional living program typically complete inpatient treatment or wilderness therapy prior to starting at Green Hill. Our program provides structure and support as residents build the foundations of their recovery and shift into ‘real-life.’ We believe that having fun is essential to the recovery process, and we provide ample opportunities for young men to explore their passions. However, we’re not a summer camp. Our program focuses on finding a healthy balance between fun and personal growth.

Leading a life of purpose is a journey, not a destination. We provide our residents with structure and coaching as they return to school, work, and dating. The Green Hill team knows that early recovery is full of challenges and opportunities. We believe that building a well-rounded, values-focused individual is critical to achieving lasting recovery.

Transitional Living Program Overview

Transitional living in Addiction Treatment
Green Hill’s transitional living program is for young men in their first year of recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. We believe in front-loading recovery, meaning our team will put a heavy emphasis on providing residents with structure and guidance during the first few months. As our residents begin working, going to school, and providing a self-directed structure, they will be given increasing amounts of autonomy. Residents who complete our program will be equipped to navigate their academic and professional lives while living in a values-based, recovery-focused manner.


Recovery at Green Hill begins with deep connection to the community and an understanding of the recovery process. Residents take a look at their past, come to terms with their substance use, and begin defining what an abundant life in recovery entails.



Develop thorough understanding of substance use. Demonstrate positive communication techniques. Learn effective coping skills.


Develop personal history file. Explore personal goals, strengths, and preferences. Identify objectives for academic and/or career growth.

Resident life

Develop a personal self-care plan. Engage in the Green Hill community culture. Participate actively in Green Hill events.

Discover a Full and Purposeful Life with Structured Sober Living

Recovery is, in part, about rediscovering fun. Our sober living residents can expect to stay busy during their recovery process by exploring all the culture and entertainment Raleigh has to offer.

We offer opportunities, such as hiking on nature trails, joining intramural sports teams and going on trips such as snowboarding or whitewater rafting. Green Hill Transitional Living makes sure a life in recovery will never leave you bored.

structured sober living in Raleigh, NC
Recovery-based sober living program, Raleigh, NC

Academics & Career Opportunities

With our team’s support, transitional living residents learn about themselves and their strengths so they can chart a path towards their academic and professional goals.
Whether finishing high school, applying to college, or continuing a degree, we provide individualized academic counseling and dedicated study halls to push residents forward in their scholastic journey. Others may focus on their career progress. Our team blends recovery and professional growth through career coaching and networking opportunities.

Therapy to Lead to a Better Life

Recovery should never hold you back. Green Hill’s transitional living program is driven through a therapeutic lens: we provide group, individual, and family counseling to support our structured sober living residents and their families through the recovery process. Whether it’s applying to schools, navigating relationships, or exploring new hobbies, we view these as great opportunities for personal growth.

Our clinical team takes a holistic, clinically-informed approach to therapy that leans heavily on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), trauma-informed therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions to meet the individual needs of our residents. The therapeutic experience at Green Hill helps our residents to discover their values and goals, empowers them to build self-efficacy, and connects them to an integrated way of life.

  • Dually licensed clinicians for substance use and mental health
  • Residents receive up to fifteen hours of clinical care weekly
  • Green Hill proprietary Recovery Workbook to track and measure progress
  • Family therapy and involvement, which plays a crucial role in the process

Why We Love Raleigh

Green Hill is in Raleigh because of the area’s limitless opportunities for young adults. Whether launching into academics or starting a career, the Triangle offers premier academic institutions and it is a major economic hub, meaning it has a plethora of career opportunities. With a hundred miles of greenway, easy access to the mountains and the coast, and a bustling cultural scene, there’s something for everyone in Raleigh.
recovery from addiction in North Carolina

Renowned educational & career opportunities

As the academic center of the Southeast, there is an abundance of career development and high-level achievement opportunities.
Raleigh addiction treatment center

Unrivaled culture and creativity

Raleigh is home to nationally renowned museums, thriving professional sports teams, cultural festivals, award-winning restaurants, and more.
North Carolina Transitional living facility

Outdoor expeditions

North Carolina is naturally beautiful and offers a range of fun activities. Residents will have opportunities to go hiking, snowboarding, rafting, camping, and of course visit NC’s famous beaches.