We’re hiring! – Program Facilitator

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Program Facilitator. A Program Facilitator acts as a leader within the Green Hill therapeutic community, working to advance positive therapeutic outcomes for each individual client and the Green Hill sober-living program as a whole.

Flour on the Invisible Man: The Family Role in Addiction

Thought experiment: How would you behave if you were given the power of being invisible when you wished for it? I suspect you’re probably similar to me in that you’d hope you wouldn’t abuse your powers, but probably also know the temptation to abuse the power would be ever

Mission-driven is why I joined Green Hill

The team at Green Hill played a huge part of my decision to work here. From the beginning, I was welcomed, listened to as a person rather than just a professional, and challenged to better myself. Company culture here encourages everyone to be compassionate as well as to push

Meet our Program Coordinator: Ryan Jarrell

I love working at Green Hill because I really enjoy mixing it up with young men in recovery. There is likely nothing these guys have done, nothing they’ve felt that I haven’t experienced one way or another. My sense is that my ability to relate with them helps with

Growth is why I joined Green Hill – by Brandon Robinson

Recently I reflected on why I joined the Green Hill team back in 2019. I realized that I was ultimately persuaded (very easily) by the energy and passion for growth and to see improvements in addiction recovery treatment which is present here at Green Hill. I got see how

We’re hiring! – Primary Therapist

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Primary Therapist. As a member of the treatment team, you’ll provide a broad range of treatment services including individual, group, and family therapy, crisis intervention, as well contribute to the development of Green Hill’s clinical curriculum.

We’re hiring! – Clinical Case Manager

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Clinical Case Manager. The Clinical Case Manager supports Green Hill Recovery’s clinical and programmatic operations by facilitating weekly case management for all Green Hill clients.

Cycle-ology: A Passion Project Story

Will and Drew were convinced that a life in recovery was destined to be boring and empty, but we set out to dispel that misconception. In this new Passion Project story, we find out that for Will and Drew, it was a common love of the outdoors that helped

“Legal drugs” and the risks to recovery

A person in recovery may be tempted to try “legal drugs” – supplements or stimulants that have less of the harmful attributes but still provide some euphoric effects. Before doing so, have a look at information on these substances, from Kratom to kombucha, and their potential risks to people

Meet our Program Facilitator: Joey Porchetta

The laughs, the camaraderie, the shared struggle – these keep me coming back each day. Working with young adult men has me laughing nonstop every single day. It’s an interesting juxtaposition – alcoholism and addiction is such a serious deal, but we find levity and fun to get through

Conscious Capitalism Means Operating For Impact & Profits (3BL at Green Hill)

We don’t exist to maximize profits; however, we must make a profit to provide a quality, sustainable service to our community. The past few years at Green Hill, we’ve worked to become a financially transparent company and in adopting the triple bottom line approach, we’ve included team members throughout

How toxic masculinity is linked to excessive drinking

Toxic masculinity extends beyond obvious aggressive behavior seen in the headlines. There are direct correlations between toxic masculinity, addiction, and dangerous behaviors involving substances like alcohol. With drinking challenges and pressures to perform in crowds of their peers common among young men, it can quickly lead to normalizing binge