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Program Facilitator

The Program Facilitator’s foremost responsibility is the safety and welfare of all residents, and the daily facilitation of the Green Hill program. The Program Facilitator is the primary leader of the Green Hill therapeutic community and must conduct himself in a professional manner. Setting a positive example of appropriate behavior, industriousness, punctuality, and attention to detail is expected. The Program Facilitator will work with the clinical team, Program Director and Executive Director to advance positive therapeutic outcomes for each individual client and the Green Hill sober-living program.

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Facilities Coordinator

The primary role of the Facilities Coordinator is to oversee the maintenance and upkeep of all of Green Hill’s facilities, buildings, and grounds. They will collaborate with the leadership team and residents to schedule routine maintenance, plan new projects, perform emergency repairs, and maintain security and safety protocols. The Facility Coordinator schedules and performs regular cleaning services to keep facilities presentable and hygienic. They assess the costs of maintaining facilities and make recommendations for becoming more efficient.

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