non-clinical support for young men in recovery
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Green Hill Recovery Coaching is a program to help young men in recovery to build meaningful life, identify goals, and provide accountability in their recovery journey. Once formal treatment is completed, it can be difficult for young men in recovery to carry that momentum into other areas of their life. Coaching provides mentorship and programming to help young men advance in their personal and professional lives.
Green Hill’s team of coaches are all young men in long term recovery who understand the challenges of recovery and can provide the structure needed to overcome them.

First Steps

While treatment and abstinence is recommended for coaching clients, Green Hill recognizes that not everyone is ready to commit to formal treatment. Green Hill Recovery Coaching can offer a first step into the world of recovery. Our coaches escort young men to recovery meetings, help provide accountability around abstinence goals, and help overcome academic and professional challenges.
All clients interested in pursuing coaching without treatment will be required to undergo a clinical evaluation to determine if a higher level of care than coaching is needed. Green Hill Recovery Coaching can be your welcome to the world of recovery.

Building a Life in Recovery

Green Hill Recovery Coaching was developed after years of experience helping young men recover. We learned that providing structure, momentum and a framework for progress could help our clients develop hope, motivation and self efficacy. Through coaching, we can now offer these invaluable services to clients and help them build the lives they deserve to lead.

One on one coaching

One on one coaching

Coaching clients will have one-on-one coaching sessions each week. The coach will work with each client to audit their life and habits, identify problem areas and their solutions develop short intermediate, and long term goals, and build a framework of accountability to ensure a client moves towards their goals.

Professional and academic development

Professional and academic development

Career development is often overlooked in recovery treatment. At Green Hill Recovery coaching, we believe this is a mistake. Clients will formalize career and academic planning with their coach, receive networking training and mentorship, support in job searching, interviewing and resume preparation.



Green Hill Recovery has developed a comprehensive curriculum to help our clients develop life skills and build self efficacy. These additional materials provide guidance and practice to help clients build mastery and self-efficacy in every domain of their life. Topics range from basic hygiene all the way up to interpersonal relationships and finding meaning.

Recovery community

Recovery community

Community is key in recovery. Our coaches will be available to escort clients to preselected recovery meetings during the week including SMART, AA, NA, and Refuge Recovery. In addition to these outside groups, coaching clients will have access to Green Hill experiential activities held weekly. When a client completes Recovery Coaching they will also have access to Green Hill’s Alumni Program.



Progress in recovery requires accountability. Our coaches are trained and experienced in providing structure, feedback, and monitoring. Not only will our coaches ensure that the client is accountable to the goals and plans they develop, but will also monitor drug and alcohol use. Where necessary a clinician can be consulted to recommend a higher level of care.



At Green Hill Recovery Coaching we expect our clients to develop as leaders in their community. To underscore this value, we incorporate community service and volunteering requirements into the coaching program. We also encourage our graduating coaching clients to engage other members in the Green Hill community through mentorship.

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