Our Values


Balance in life is achieved through self-awareness. We are mindful.


Vulnerable, honest interactions build trust. We communicate with radical candor.


Human connection fosters well-being. We cultivate meaningful relationships.


High standards elevate performance. We rise together.


Change is the only constant. We improve daily.

Our Team

Green Hill’s team is uniquely prepared to help our residents develop the tools needed to succeed in recovery and in life. We believe academic and career development are vital components of our residents’ recovery journeys, so we complement our clinical team with experienced academics, proven leaders, and working professionals. Our team is committed to delivering residents a well-rounded recovery experience, equipping them with the skills needed to chart their own paths in recovery.

Tripp Johnson

CEO & Owner

Jake Summers

Development Director, Partner

Nick Slovak

Executive Director

Matt O'Connor

Clinical Director

Brandon Robinson

Outpatient Director

Jon Vance

Program Director

Wendy Kimball

Admissions Director

Hayat Shawwa

Academic & Career

Emily Trapp

Primary Therapist

Jay Bylund

Program Coordinator

Jeremiah Boutrous

Program Facilitator

Ross Barnett

Program Facilitator

Chandler Huggins

Wellness Advisor

AJ Osbahr

Case Manager

Matt Devers

Program Facilitator