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Learn about the vision and values that guide our addiction treatment approach

Helping young adults with our addiction treatment

Who is Green Hill

We are a values-based, mission-driven organization. Together, we strive to build a community of leaders living purposeful lives. To us, human flourishing is the name of the game. Our primary focus is helping young adults recover from substance use and other co-occurring mental health disorders.
We believe that to best serve others, we must focus on our own personal and professional development. We emphasize mentorship and coaching among our team. For those struggling with substance use disorder, it’s crucial to build a network of people who have successfully navigated personal recovery. Our team is based on this philosophy.
Green Hill was established on the belief that young adults deserve opportunities that match their potential. Our experience has shown us how painful addiction can be and how crucial the right support is in recovery. We believe in creating a model of care that brings out the best in each individual. To achieve this model, we incorporate academic and career counseling, wellness coaching, executive functioning training, and leadership development into our curriculum.

Our Mission

Leading a purposeful life is no small feat, but we believe it is possible for everyone. To accomplish our mission, we developed a framework that begins with individuals discovering their core values, addressing obstacles, and building a life of purpose. We believe that true purpose is more than just having fun at the moment. It is an ever-evolving process of learning and growth. A well-lived life in recovery involves having fun while progressing towards wellness, academic, and professional goals.
Building a life of purpose in addiction recovery

Our Core Values

Our values are our DNA. We’ve chosen our values from years of experience with addiction and mental health treatment. As part of our program, we ask our residents to discover and align with their core values. We do the same. Every action we take is aimed at the realization of our values.

Our Programs

Green Hill serves young men with substance use and other co-occurring mental health disorders from around the country. Our program addresses the academic, career, and life skills necessary to prepare emerging adults for wellness beyond their days in treatment.
We’re proud to help our clients discover the possibilities in front of them, overcome challenges, and build a life of purpose.

Our People

When asked, “What makes Green Hill special?” our response is always the same: our people. The Green Hill team is composed of experienced clinicians, academics, professionals, and persons in recovery. While we bring a diverse set of skills to help young adults navigate the recovery process, we all share a commitment to our core values and the belief in personal growth.

Tripp Johnson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nick Slovak

Executive Director

Corey Kennedy, MSW, LCSW, LCAS-A

Clinical Director

Dr. R. Dewayne Book

Dr. R. Dewayne Book, MD

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Addictionologist

Marcus Shumate, LCMHC, LCAS

Clinical Outreach Director

Peter Blankenstein, Outreaach Representative at Green Hill Recovery, a recovery program for young adult males in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Peter Blankenstein

Outreach Representative

Megan King, BA

Admissions Coordinator

Alex Peacock

Program Director

Armond Hendrick, MA, LCAS-A

Clinical Therapist

Katie Hancock, MSW, LCSWA, LCAS-A

Clinical Therapist

Reilly McCloskey

Lead Program Facilitator

Jake Engebretsen, BS

Program Facilitator

Troy Skisak

Program Facilitator

Our Treatment Philosophy

A well-rounded approach to recovery is multifaceted. Our recovery process starts with identifying your core values, and we use an interdisciplinary approach to help our clients navigate the recovery journey.

Individual & group therapy

We believe that addressing substance use and mental health disorders through evidence-based, clinical care leads to a life in recovery. Our dually-licensed therapists work collaboratively with individuals to develop treatment plans so one discovers their values, addresses underlying issues, and ultimately crafts a life of purpose.