academic goals & career counseling

Start Your Next Chapter | Raleigh, NC

Reach Your Potential

Our structured sober living residents achieve their career and academic goals with the support of our experienced team. Green Hill helps our residents discover and move towards their goals through academic coaching, mentorship, and career counseling. We know that goal achievement is fundamental to lasting recovery and it is the core of our program.
This approach empowers residents to ground their success in recovery, freeing them to ask, “What’s next?” with newfound hope and confidence.

Nurture Your Academic Pursuits

We believe that recovery and academics go hand-in-hand. Each resident receives academic counseling and participates in twice-weekly study hall groups. The Green Hill team caters to each resident’s particular academic goals through informed, supportive guidance, and by linking residents to the resources and skills necessary for success. As the largest city in the Triangle area, Raleigh also offers diverse educational opportunities that can match nearly every resident’s academic goals.
Green Hill residents typically follow one of three educational tracks but may transition between tracks during their program.

High School

High School

  • In-person high school diploma
  • Online diploma
  • General Educational Development diploma



  • Degree & non-degree seeking programs
  • NC State, UNC, WPU, Duke, HBCUs
  • Online course work

Community College

Community College

  • Learn a skilled trade
  • Earn an associate's degree
  • Transfer to college or university

Professional Launch

Professional Launch

  • Networking in the Triangle
  • Post-degree job search and placement
  • Career beginnings in a supportive community

Intern & Volunteer

Intern & Volunteer

  • Gain a professional internship
  • Test out a new field
  • Volunteer in the community



  • Generate autonomy and self-efficacy
  • Build work experience
  • Real-life budgeting and time management

Leverage Our Network for Your Career

At Green Hill, we know that recovery is woven in with professional development and meaningful life. Our team facilitates weekly career counseling sessions and regular professional skills groups. We leverage our professional and community connections to boost our residents’ career and personal success. Our network includes lawyers, doctors, clinicians, chefs, contractors, mechanics, and many others. We aim to connect residents with the people they need to succeed.
In recent years, the Triangle has been listed as a top city for tech, education, healthcare, start-up, and research industries, meaning there is a wealth of diverse career opportunities in this area. This growing local economy also opens doors for vocational careers in development, construction, real estate, and more.

Thriving in the Triangle


Largest research park in the country (RTP)


Largest metro area in NC


Professional sports teams


Music venues


Public parks




Weekly recovery meetings


James Beard award winners


Miles of greenway trails


Higher education institutes


Yearly graduates from major research universities


Acres of forest, river lands, and lakes