Ryan Jarrell

Ryan Jarrell is the Program Director at Green Hill. Passionate about young people overcoming substance abuse disorders, one of Ryan’s greatest pleasures is introducing residents to the members and concepts underpinning the wider recovery community.

Having spent most of his life in Chapel Hill, Ryan has enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Raleigh and the surrounding area, and has enjoyed introducing the Green Hill community to North Carolina’s natural wonders through day hikes.

Prior experience

Prior to employment at Green Hill, Ryan has spent years in a variety of service industry settings, most often in food service. Learning firsthand the value of gracious hospitality in any setting, it’s with this same spirit of welcome that Ryan attempts to make the Transitional Living house a home. Also spending some time as a professional and freelance journalist, Ryan has enjoyed contributing to the outreach Green Hill Recovery makes towards industry professionals and the families of residents.

Professional passion

More than anything, Ryan values those moments when a Green Hill resident begins to truly make the most of their time in recovery, and will attempt to facilitate that in whatever way possible. Watching initially skeptical members of the Transitional Living house embrace the concepts and members of 12 step recovery groups makes his work at Green Hill a truly satisfying endeavor.

More about Ryan

When not assisting Green Hill residents, you can usually find Ryan pursuing his higher education. His academic career curtailed by substance abuse, Ryan has found true fulfillment as a student of literature at Durham Technical Community College. Other interests of Ryan include reading, playing a variety of musical instruments and exploring meditation and other accessory spiritual techniques.