Meet our Admissions & Outreach Coordinator: Megan King

Could we get some brief biographical information from you? Hometown, previous experience, education, etc.?

Hi! My name is Megan King and I am the Admissions and Outreach Coordinator for Green Hill. I graduated in 2019 with a Communications Degree with a Public Relations concentration and an International Studies Degree with a Middle Eastern Studies Degree. I was recently admitted to George Mason’s MSW program which I will start Spring 2021.

I am from Rockville, Maryland where I spent the first 10 years of my life and I was absolutely devastated when we picked up and moved to Garner, North Carolina. I remember on my first day at my new elementary school I came home sobbing to my mom because everyone kept calling me “y’all” and I thought kids were just refusing to learn my name. My mom laughed so hard trying to explain that y’all is a word I would have to get comfortable with.

We’ve been living in Garner ever since and when I got to high school I really debated on whether I would go to college in North Carolina or if I wanted to go home to Maryland, but I took a tour of Meredith College and fell in love. At the time I was planning to be a teacher and as you can tell from my degrees I did not end up as a teacher.

Around the middle of my sophomore year, I realized being a teacher is not my passion so I made the impulsive decision to drop out of the program and switch my degrees completely. Always trust your gut.

My professional history is short as Green Hill is my first professional job, but prior to working here, I was the Operations Manager for a mission-based women’s and gift boutique and the communication intern at the Garner Chamber of Commerce. Both previous work experiences have shaped me immensely.

While I don’t have any personal experience with recovery, I have witnessed the process through different family members. Family is arguably the most important thing to me; they are the non-negotiables of my life. I have a younger sister and she is my absolute best friend, my mom is my guiding light and whether she will admit it or not, the biggest supporter of my dreams and my dad shares my tenderness and appreciation for the beauty/uniqueness of the hard journey of life. They have individually supported my decision to go to grad school to earn my MSW, become an LCSW, and then start my dream career as a therapist. 

What precisely does an Admissions & Outreach Coordinator do?

The Admissions and Outreach coordinator is one of the first people potential clients will talk to. As part of my job I handle all incoming calls and inquiries, and then work with the rest of the Admissions team to assist potential clients or families to get the information they need or access to additional resources. This includes helping people join our program, and or in some cases referring people to other partners or resources if they are in need of something different than what we can offer.

I spend a lot of time talking with parents about Green Hill and doing the behind the scenes paperwork that help guys join and get started in our program.

What drew you to working at Green Hill specifically, and the recovery field in general?

I am on track to earn my LCSW so I wanted some exposure to the clinical world outside of my own therapist’s office. I had a friend refer me to Tripp and after doing some research on Green Hill and what the company offers, I became increasingly interested with the substance use recovery field. I still have a lot to learn about clinical work, recovery, and the treatment field, but so far I am fascinated with the different facets and modalities involved. 

Who has had the largest impact on your personal and/or professional development?

The person that has had the largest impact on my personal development is one of my best friends, Viana. She challenges me to think critically while encouraging me to be my truest self.

As for my professional development, I think that every previous employer has had a large hand in shaping my professional development. Between challenging me and helping me sharpen my strengths these people have seen me grow and guided me through professional development. 

What’s one thing your hometown could be known for, and why?

My hometown can be known for taking the longest to win the Stanley Cup and making every hockey season more frustrating than the last.

What does your ideal day look like?

My ideal day looks like sleeping until 10 am because any earlier is a sin and any later is a waste of a day. Then I will drink some coffee on my back porch and read whichever book I’m on this week for a while. After that, I would go pick up another coffee on my way to go do some shopping. Then I’d love to get in a walk with my dog before picking up some Thai (or Indian) for dinner and closing off the night with some cookies and cream ice cream and “The Devil Wears Prada”. I rarely get to be alone, so I like to relish in solitude when I can. 

What’s one message you wish our clients and residents at Green Hill would always take with them?

You are capable of far more than you will ever know! Trust your gut, and put your mental well-being first. 

Quick Facts about Megan

Undergraduate school: Meredith College

Graduate school: George Mason – MSW (attending)

Desert Island movie: Devil Wears Prada or any Jordan Peele Film

Favorite Book: The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner

Favorite Album: California Baby! By Lukka

High School Superlative: Most Dramatic

Dream Vacation: Croatia – Mama Mia style

Favorite spot to visit in Raleigh: I could sit at Dorthia Dix for hours.

Favorite meal: Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of hot naan

Dream job as a child: Started out as “Stop sign”. I meant “crossing guard” but let’s just say my parents are super proud of how far I’ve come.