Our Program

The Green Hill experience is fundamentally therapeutic. With centering clinical work, our residents manifest their identity into everyday life. After inpatient care, the best treatment encompases clinical work addressing all facets of problematic substance use. This beginning phase of recovery requires opportunities to build insight and self-efficacy that will extend beyond the confines of treatment. Green Hill’s intensive outpatient program supports residents to build an empowered way of life with up to 15 hours of weekly individual, family, and group therapy. Here, residents connect to their strengths, the emotional underpinnings of their substance use, barriers to enriching relationships, and the skills to guide their future success.

Phase 1 Ground

Recovery at Green Hill begins with deep connection to the community and an understanding of the recovery process. Residents take a look at their past, come to terms with their substance use, and begin defining what an abundant life in recovery entails.


Develop thorough understanding of substance use.
Demonstrate positive communication techniques.
Learn effective coping skills.

Develop personal history file.
Explore personal goals, strengths, and preferences.
Identify objectives for academic and/or career growth.

Develop a personal self-care plan.
Engage in the Green Hill community culture.
Participate actively in Green Hill events.

Phase 2 Discover

We support residents in discovering their values, goals, and motivations. Residents work alongside the Green Hill team to begin implementing a step-by-step plan that addresses self-care, academic and/or career, and life goals.


Explore recovery-aligned values.
Develop understanding of recovery and mental wellness.
Examine the impact of substance use on the family system.

Formulate plan to accomplish academic and/or career goals.
Practice time management and problem-solving skills.
Begin implementing academic and/or career plan.

Take ownership of recovery in all settings.
Positively influence Green Hill community culture.
Expand your coping skills and self-care routine.

Phase 3 Empower

We empower our residents to take initiative in their lives and provide mentorship and leadership in the Green Hill community. Clients actualize their academic or career plans, fostering self-efficacy and mutual responsibility.


Focus on interpersonal effectiveness and relationships.
Embody recovery-aligned values.
Develop leadership and interdependence.

Execute academic and/or career plan.
Strive for balance between work and play.
Prioritize self-efficacy.

Lead by example in the Green Hill community.
Balance accountability with independence.
Maintain active participation in Green Hill events.

Phase 4 Connect

We encourage residents to connect to their peers, family, and the wider Raleigh community, developing a sustainable path toward long-term recovery. Residents maintain stability and generate their own accountability resources.


Focus on interconnectedness.
Complete major service project.
Prepare for transition from Green Hill.

Establish natural and institutional supports.
Integrate recovery-aligned values into future goals.
Complete academic and/or career continued success plan.

Serve as a resident mentor.
Explore potential for Green Hill alumni involvement.
Complete continued success plan in collaboration with staff and support system.

Clinical Programming

Group Therapy

As the best practice for substance use treatment, our program revolves around the group. Three times a week, residents join together for group therapy with one of our licensed clinicians. We employ both well-established and cutting edge evidence-based practices, exploring relationships, trauma, mindfulness, the science of addiction, relapse prevention, behaviors, and more. Most importantly, group therapy provides residents with a space to connect through recovery, sharing and authenticity.

Individual Therapy

Once a week, residents meet with one of our licensed clinicians for individual, substance use specific therapy. Our clinicians are trained in diverse modalities and provide individualized, compassionate therapy targeting each resident’s needs. The resident-therapist relationship serves as the compass for each resident’s unique path in our program.

Family Therapy

We understand that substance use affects the whole family, therefore treatment should offer healing to the whole family. Green Hill provides weekly family therapy with licensed marriage and family therapists in order to mend the family bond. Together, recovery is stronger.

Executive Functioning

We focus on providing individuals with the tools and strategies they need to achieve optimal functioning in all areas of their life. This includes applied, functional instruction in the core areas of executive functioning: working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control, and the associated sub-skills.

Wellness Coaching

In support of clinical and programmatic work, we provide wellness coaching to help residents visualize, plan for, and achieve their goals. For men in early recovery, coaching can be especially beneficial as there is often an increased "willingness to change" and a desire to build healthier habits. The coaching partnership empowers residents to own their behaviors, resourcing accountability as the fuel for choices aligned with a new way of life.

Case Management

Residents engage in a self-guided service project and group service opportunities in order to give back to the greater community. Substance use can sever connection, leaving young adults isolated from others. Through service opportunities at Green Hill, residents reconnect to their community, offering their gifts for the greater good, building the purpose and humility that drive recovery.