Meet Our Primary Therapist: Emily Trapp

As far as female role models, I have always admired professional surfer Bethany Hamilton for her worth ethic, passion, drive, ambition and courageous demeanor. She is a person who has not let her circumstances compromise her ability to work toward her dreams.

Photo Finish: A Passion Project Story

Struggling after years of substance abuse, Green Hill reintroduced one resident to an old passion. Now starting a career in photography, Matt’s life has expanded in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Green Hill’s Why: A Look at What Inspires Us

The most powerful question an organization can answer is why. Why did we start this company? Why do we serve the people we serve? Join us as we take a step back to look at ‘why’ we are in this field instead of just ‘what’ we do on a day-to-day basis.

Meet Our Outpatient Director: Brandon Robinson

When I entered the clinical service field, I felt it would be a natural fit for me to work with youth since I wasn’t far removed from being one, and it was ridiculously easy for me to empathize with their stories and chaotic lifestyles.

Recovery Isn’t Linear

While our lives get better over time in recovery, the journey is never linear. Knowing this and embracing it is an extremely important part of achieving lifelong sobriety. How we battle through setbacks and tough times by turning them into growth opportunities is part of the mission at Green Hill.

Introducing the Passion Projects Initiative

A successful life in recovery, is one that is built on a foundation of purpose and meaning. To help our community, our team developed the Passion Project initiative that gives each client an individualized and creative path into recovery.

Meet Our Program Facilitator: Caleb Barnhart

Having spent a significant portion of my early adulthood battling addiction, I find it very rewarding to help guys in this age range. I feel uniquely qualified to help them with the issues that young men with substance abuse disorders face in early sobriety.

Meet Our Development Director: Jake Summers

I became a partner because of Green Hill’s approach to recovery. My story in recovery involves losing my academic and career footing, and I know how hard it is to lose your identity and find a new one. A platform to help young men navigate similar experiences sounded tailor made for me.