Meet Our Program Facilitator: Caleb Barnhart

Having spent a significant portion of my early adulthood battling addiction, I find it very rewarding to help guys in this age range. I feel uniquely qualified to help them with the issues that young men with substance abuse disorders face in early sobriety.

Meet Our Development Director: Jake Summers

I became a partner because of Green Hill’s approach to recovery. My story in recovery involves losing my academic and career footing, and I know how hard it is to lose your identity and find a new one. A platform to help young men navigate similar experiences sounded tailor made for me.

Meet Our Admissions Director: Wendy Kimball

I spent a number of years working with individuals in recovery doing post-treatment monitoring, which really cemented my belief in the importance of an extended continuum of care. The longer we can extend a client’s care and the more gradual we can make the transition between levels of care, the better the outcomes for long term recovery and mental health.