Preventing Burnout In Your Organization: Setting Expectations

This blog is one in a series about burnout and moral injury in behavioral health. This post and those that follow will dig into some practical solutions that you could apply in your organization. The most effective changes in large systems start at the bottom with those who are

How to Prevent Burnout & Moral Injury in Behavioral Health

Throwing pizza parties and encouraging self-care isn’t going to solve the burnout and moral injury epidemic in behavioral health. It’s good that we’re finally talking about these issues openly, but most of the proposed solutions fail to adequately discuss systemic causes and propose effective solutions. It’s imperative that we

Meet Our Program Coordinator of Community Outpatient Program: Alexander Peacock

Could we get some brief biographical information from you? Hometown, previous experiences in recovery, educational/vocational track etc.? I am from the small city of Goldsboro, North Carolina. After high school I attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington where I majored in Political Science and minored in “partying.” I

Trust is why I joined Green Hill

My decision to work at Green Hill was a process where I had to build some trust––in the leaders, in the organization, and in this industry as a whole––before I could commit to this role. I care deeply about providing quality, just, non-judgmental care, which sometimes is not the

Meet Our Primary Therapist: LeeAnna Gill

Could we get some brief biographical information from you? Hometown, previous experiences in recovery, educational/vocational track etc.? My name is LeeAnna Gill, and I am a primary therapist at Green Hill Recovery. I was originally born in Ohio and raised in Michigan for most of my young childhood. My

Recovery is a Family Affair: How to Encourage Your Loved Ones to Get Help

  Substance abuse is a rampant problem. Statistics show that 60.2% of Americans 12 and over have substance abuse issues. One of these people could be a loved one, and recovery is a journey they cannot do alone. Not only will they be needing support, but they will also

We’re hiring! – Program Facilitator

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Program Facilitator. A Program Facilitator acts as a leader within the Green Hill therapeutic community, working to advance positive therapeutic outcomes for each individual client and the Green Hill sober-living program as a whole.

Flour on the Invisible Man: The Family Role in Addiction

Thought experiment: How would you behave if you were given the power of being invisible when you wished for it? I suspect you’re probably similar to me in that you’d hope you wouldn’t abuse your powers, but probably also know the temptation to abuse the power would be ever

Mission-driven is why I joined Green Hill

The team at Green Hill played a huge part of my decision to work here. From the beginning, I was welcomed, listened to as a person rather than just a professional, and challenged to better myself. Company culture here encourages everyone to be compassionate as well as to push

Meet our Program Coordinator: Ryan Jarrell

I love working at Green Hill because I really enjoy mixing it up with young men in recovery. There is likely nothing these guys have done, nothing they’ve felt that I haven’t experienced one way or another. My sense is that my ability to relate with them helps with

Growth is why I joined Green Hill – by Brandon Robinson

Recently I reflected on why I joined the Green Hill team back in 2019. I realized that I was ultimately persuaded (very easily) by the energy and passion for growth and to see improvements in addiction recovery treatment which is present here at Green Hill. I got see how

We’re hiring! – Primary Therapist

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Primary Therapist. As a member of the treatment team, you’ll provide a broad range of treatment services including individual, group, and family therapy, crisis intervention, as well contribute to the development of Green Hill’s clinical curriculum.