Mission-driven is why I joined Green Hill

My first experiences working around substance abuse came from when I worked at a detox center as an intern early in my career. While I knew early on this wasn’t my long-term professional home, this state run treatment center did spark my interest in working with people struggling with substance use issues. One person who had a large impact on my career was a supervisor that taught me about the addiction process, showed me how a little love and care can go a long way, and really introduced me to the importance of incorporating families into the treatment process. This would steer my clinical approach and interests for years to come. It was during this internship that I decided that treatment of people with substance use issues was a path I wanted to further pursue. Soon, I found myself chasing opportunities to help young people in recovery here in the Raleigh area.

I first heard of Green Hill in 2018 when I graduated from my masters program. I was immediately attracted to the idea that Green Hill was “mission-driven” and because they serve young people in recovery. A year later, I was formally introduced to the team and began getting excited about the possibility to work in a long-term setting versus the short term settings you see in most treatment environments. Green Hill’s mission to empower individuals to lives with profound purpose really resonated with me. It goes beyond just helping people start recovery (short-term), but focuses on help them live lives of meaning (long-term).

While I am still figuring out what my long term professional goals are, I do know my professional passion lies in the intersection between family dynamics and substance abuse. I have a fascination for the role that families play in addiction, and in recovery. Green Hill gives me the chance to place special emphasis on family engagement and family therapy. This way I can help struggling families understand their own dynamics better and how to be the best support system possible for their loved ones in recovery. The Green Hill clinical team fundamentally believes in the importance of incorporating families in the healing process, and I just love that.

In past experiences, I felt as though I was just hired to fill a position. At Green Hill, it’s different. If you have an idea, a dream or interest, the leadership here will go out of their way to support your pursuit. That, to me, is what makes being a team member at Green Hill so unique.

I’ve learned so much from working here, and in such a short period of time. I’ve learned about taking a leadership role with my clients that also incorporates empathy and collaboration. I have learned how to listen, not just listen to a client’s history, but to listen to their needs, desires and perceptions. I’ve learned how to better understand their family’s needs and how to make them a part of the healing process. I’ve gained an understanding of how to help young people launch themselves into independence and adulthood.

On a personal level, Green Hill has helped me build confidence that I can do really hard things. I’ve had the opportunity to take a hard look at my own processes and work with an incredible team that pushes me to better myself. Today, I trust myself, personally and professionally. While this growing process has been both terrifying and fulling, I’m glad to have gone through it because this is exactly what we ask of our clients every day.