Meet Our Program Coordinator: Jay Bylund

I believe Green Hill stands out for one reason: we genuinely take a vested interest in each one of our clients, as opposed to treating them as just another dollar sign. Our tight-knit staff and team culture helps us support our residents to be their best.

Photo Finish: A Passion Project Story

Struggling after years of substance abuse, Green Hill reintroduced one resident to an old passion. Now starting a career in photography, Matt’s life has expanded in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Meet an Educational Consultant: Joanna Lilley, MA, NCC

When young people across America need help with education, treatment, or simply future planning, their families often turn to Educational Consultants (EC). In the first post of our new blog series “Meet an Educational Consultant” we get to know Joanna Lilley, one of the best ECs out there.

Mindfulness and Recovery

An aspect of every phase of our Green Hill curriculum, introducing and reinforcing regular mindfulness practice is an integral fragment of the balanced life we envision for our clients. Our staff are not only strong advocates, but also have significant experience in various practices.

Recovery Isn’t Linear

While our lives get better over time in recovery, the journey is never linear. Knowing this and embracing it is an extremely important part of achieving lifelong sobriety. How we battle through setbacks and tough times by turning them into growth opportunities is part of the mission at Green Hill.

Green Hill Announces Joint Commission Accreditation

Green Hill is excited to announce it has earned a Gold Seal of Approval® for both its clinical and transitional living operations Accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The accreditation and certification received from the Joint Commission is recognized nationwide as a gold seal of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain national performance, quality, and safety standards.