Cycle-ology: A Passion Project Story

Will and Drew were convinced that a life in recovery was destined to be boring and empty, but we set out to dispel that misconception. In this new Passion Project story, we find out that for Will and Drew, it was a common love of the outdoors that helped them rediscover their passion for adventure and begin to enjoy life in recovery.

Meet our Chief of Staff: Michael O’Sullivan

As corny as it sounds, it’s our clients that keep me coming back day after day. Seeing the transformation in our clients is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever been a part of. Knowing that we are helping bright young men reach their potential is an incredible gift.

The Right Ingredients: A Passion Project Story

Will was apprehensive about coming out of his shell and asking for help. However, by asking for support with healthy cooking skills, Will was able to gain confidence and feel more at home. Now, Will is an old hand in the kitchen and is becoming more comfortable in the community as well.

Meet Our Primary Therapist: Cassidy Conway

Personally, I love what the community members bring into a group session. Their insight, intelligence, humor, kindness, and love towards one another is incredibly powerful. They are the life and heart of the group.

Meet Our Clinical Director: Matt O’Connor

One thing that makes Green Hill stand out is our holistic approach to the recovery process. We approach the recovery process not only as an internal process but also help our guys build a life that continues to reinforce their commitment to recovery. We help our guys understand that recovery is not just about sacrifice, but being able to fully engage with the world.

Color Coded: A Passion Project Story

Not sure what his life in recovery would look like, Liam was thrilled to learn he could pursue art as a part of our Transitional Living program. Now in the middle of his Passion Project, we’re thrilled to see this talented young artist sketching out a vision for his success.

Meet Our Executive Director: Nick Slovak

I found myself really aligned with Tripp’s vision for Green Hill, specifically the academically-oriented way the program was designed. I can identify with our client population, as I personally struggled to get back on my feet scholastically after my time in treatment. I firmly believe I would have benefitted from the Green Hill Model of treatment, had it been available to me.

Meet Our Primary Therapist: Casey Miller

My favorite moments at Green Hill are from group therapy sessions. This is where the work that clients are doing truly shines. It’s amazing to see our guys support each other and show up as their true selves. There is truly no better feeling than watching someone get in touch with themself and start the process of growth.

Voices Heard: A Passion Project Story

Music plays an important role in our everyday lives, and so it naturally is ever present in our program. Through our recent music-inspired Passion Projects, we’ve seen several clients thrive artistically and bond with someone else in early recovery by collectively focusing on something healthy.