Trust is why I joined Green Hill

My decision to work at Green Hill was a process where I had to build some trust––in the leaders, in the organization, and in this industry as a whole––before I could commit to this role. I care deeply about providing quality, just, non-judgmental care, which sometimes is not the standard in the substance use treatment world. I started at Green Hill as a case manager without clinical experience for a summer job, then continued as a clinical social work intern, then I helped with some marketing, and then I moved on to other experiences during the rest of my graduate school tenure. At that point, I was stoking a healthy skepticism in the substance use treatment world, and was unsure how I wanted to continue my work while staying true to my values. When I left for my second internship of graduate school, my supervisor at Green Hill told me something that stuck: if I didn’t continue working in this field, I’d be fighting against what I’m built for and what I believe in. I don’t tend to think of things in terms of destiny, but over time, I came to see that he was right. I couldn’t see myself doing much else beside continuing down the path I had set at Green Hill.

What allowed me to make that decision with integrity was Green Hill’s unflappable commitment to building real, deep relationships. Whether it’s between staff members, with clients, or with families, Green Hill always places people first. This commitment to deep relationship gives me the confidence to return to work every day with purpose. When someone comes in contact with our organization––client or staff––we always meet them where they are, focus on their strengths and abilities, and work to help them find their place in the world. With clients, this has meant that we adapt to the best of our ability to their needs rather than expecting them to fit a predetermined path. With staff, this has meant taking feedback from all levels of the organization and empowering everyone to follow their strengths. What built the most trust in me was the constant desire to improve by the leadership and staff. I have committed and seen mistakes made in this organization, but through all of them, there has been a humble desire from all to improve, make things right, and lift each other up in the process. I trust this organization and the people in it deeply, and that’s why I chose––and continuously choose––to work at Green Hill.