The Right Ingredients: A Passion Project Story

Will was apprehensive about coming out of his shell and asking for help. However, by asking for support with healthy cooking skills, Will was able to gain confidence and feel more at home. Now, Will is an old hand in the kitchen and is becoming more comfortable in the community as well.

Color Coded: A Passion Project Story

Not sure what his life in recovery would look like, Liam was thrilled to learn he could pursue art as a part of our Transitional Living program. Now in the middle of his Passion Project, we’re thrilled to see this talented young artist sketching out a vision for his success.

Voices Heard: A Passion Project Story

Music plays an important role in our everyday lives, and so it naturally is ever present in our program. Through our recent music-inspired Passion Projects, we’ve seen several clients thrive artistically and bond with someone else in early recovery by collectively focusing on something healthy.

Photo Finish: A Passion Project Story

Struggling after years of substance abuse, Green Hill reintroduced one resident to an old passion. Now starting a career in photography, Matt’s life has expanded in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Introducing the Passion Projects Initiative

A successful life in recovery, is one that is built on a foundation of purpose and meaning. To help our community, our team developed the Passion Project initiative that gives each client an individualized and creative path into recovery.