Growth is why I joined Green Hill – by Brandon Robinson

Recently I reflected on why I joined the Green Hill team back in 2019. I realized that I was ultimately persuaded (very easily) by the energy and passion for growth and to see improvements in addiction recovery treatment which is present here at Green Hill. I got see how the team here, guys like Tripp, Nick, and Matt acted as role models for the young men they were serving, and wanted to feel that same reward.

My role as Clinical Director of the Green Hill Community Outpatient program has been a great fit for me for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, the company and I align closely on addiction treatment perspectives.  I have a passion for inserting myself into addiction treatment organizational structures and promoting multiple pathways to recovery.  Green Hill supports flexibility, altruism, and accountability, all of which I value. 

The fact that Green Hill caters to one specific target population (young adult males) is also a big advantage as I see it. Most, if not all, organizations I have worked for in the past have welcomed an eclectic array of clients, yet research highly supports treatment for target populations.  When I found out that Green Hill’s niche was young adult males with substance use disorder, I was immediately intrigued. 

My role here has also required me, and Green Hill, to grow. I have learned a lot integrating a harm reduction approach into an organization that otherwise specializes in abstinence-based programming.  I have also learned quite a bit about relationship building with local clinical partners, web and digital marketing, the utilization of young people in recovery (i.e., our program facilitators), and thinking outside the box of traditional IOP settings. 

What makes Green Hill truly unique is that the interventions are tailored for young adult males.  The perspective about recovery is holistic and more client centered than other places I have worked, or even visited.  

I’ve had an impact on Green Hill too. I brought valuable experience with me, from my time in working in hospital settings, other programs, and leading at the Wake county drug court. I’ve helped further the idea that one size does not fit all, and rules and standards for treatment implementation are imperative.

This is a special place and I work with truly exceptional people. Working at Green Hill has provided me an opportunity to spread my wings, be a part of a team that fully understands the patient population, and fosters a communal respect for each team member’s qualities and strengths.