Meet The Team: Luis Marcano LCMHC, LCAS, NCC/CCMHC

Could we get some brief biographical info from you? Hometown, previous experience, education, etc.? I am originally from El Salvador, but grew up in Venezuela. I lived in Puerto Rico for 6 years before moving to North Carolina in September of 2009. I am the oldest of three siblings, and I graduated high school from […]

Alex’s Sobriety Anniversary

This week we wanted to spotlight and celebrate Alex Peacock. Alex Peacock is our Program Coordinator of the Community Outpatient Program. On February 1st, 2022, he will be celebrating his 4 year sobriety anniversary. We sat down with Alex to learn more about his recovery journey and what this anniversary means to him. You’re coming […]

Chandler’s Sobriety Anniversary

Chandler Huggins, Wellness Advisor

This week we wanted to spotlight and celebrate Chandler Huggins. Chandler serves as Green Hill’s Wellness Advisor, and as an Integrative Health Coach at our sister company, AIM: Advaita Integrated Medicine. He is responsible for providing group and individual coaching that addresses wellness through all facets of life including relationships, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Chandler […]

Passing The Torch: CEO Transition At Green Hill

The following was adapted from an email sent from Tripp Johnson to the Green Hill team regarding his transition out of the CEO role. Green Hill Team, I am incredibly excited to announce a long-coming transition. This is the last time I’ll be sending a message as the CEO of Green Hill Recovery; I’m passing […]

Meet Our Program Coordinator of Community Outpatient Program: Alexander Peacock

Could we get some brief biographical information from you? Hometown, previous experiences in recovery, educational/vocational track etc.? I am from the small city of Goldsboro, North Carolina. After high school I attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington where I majored in Political Science and minored in “partying.” I was the kid in high school […]

Trust is why I joined Green Hill

My decision to work at Green Hill was a process where I had to build some trust––in the leaders, in the organization, and in this industry as a whole––before I could commit to this role. I care deeply about providing quality, just, non-judgmental care, which sometimes is not the standard in the substance use treatment […]

Meet Our Primary Therapist: LeeAnna Gill

Could we get some brief biographical information from you? Hometown, previous experiences in recovery, educational/vocational track etc.? My name is LeeAnna Gill, and I am a primary therapist at Green Hill Recovery. I was originally born in Ohio and raised in Michigan for most of my young childhood. My family moved to the western part […]

We’re hiring! – Program Facilitator

We’re hiring! Join the Green Hill team as Program Facilitator. A Program Facilitator acts as a leader within the Green Hill therapeutic community, working to advance positive therapeutic outcomes for each individual client and the Green Hill sober-living program as a whole.

Mission-driven is why I joined Green Hill

The team at Green Hill played a huge part of my decision to work here. From the beginning, I was welcomed, listened to as a person rather than just a professional, and challenged to better myself. Company culture here encourages everyone to be compassionate as well as to push people to strive for their goals; this is what makes this place such a special place to work.

Growth is why I joined Green Hill – by Brandon Robinson

Recently I reflected on why I joined the Green Hill team back in 2019. I realized that I was ultimately persuaded (very easily) by the energy and passion for growth and to see improvements in addiction recovery treatment which is present here at Green Hill. I got see how the team here, guys like Tripp, Nick, and Matt acted as role models for the young men they were serving, and wanted to feel that same reward.